• We Create Your Pupil

    RAJ ACADEMY is a place where limitless opportunities flourish. It is where the exuberance of childhood is nourished with care, so that every child grows holistically, be it Cerebral, Social, Emotional, Spiritual or Physical development. Learn Today curriculum prepares the children for future education, nurtures their skills and instils in them the enthusiasm to be a learner for life.

    We believe that a school is a place where children not only pursue for their academic excellence but they are also taught the nuances of life, i.e., to be honest, have a caring attitude, to be environmentally conscious, show respect always and be cooperative. In all, these are the principles that nurture the child’s mind for the future.

  • Our AIM

    We encourage children to contribute, participate and enjoy the many opportunities afforded at our School. This website aims to answer the questions you may have about how our school is organized and to help you understand more about Swar Vandana Academy. As a school, we look forward to sharing this period of your child's life with you.

    Constructivism, Team Work, Integrity, Innovation and Cooperative Learning—these are the hallmark of the way of life at RAJ ACADEMY. Although education is an ongoing process, it must develop from concrete and value-based principles to ensure a firm foundation.